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A Lifetime of Learning and Coaching

The thing that I really love about my job is that I am learning and helping others to learn to.

With 30 years experience in various volunteer roles from helper to President I have had some great chances to learn about people, leadership and exploring new information.

With 15 years in the computer industry fixing problems, knowledge was found the hard way, by reading, sharing, looking and experimenting. There were never clear cut answers and the path often twisted and turned.

With a young family, nothing much changed. Our children continue to be an amazing source of new ideas and require new ways of thinking to keep up. They are challenging, require significant time and are hugely rewarding, I love them.

Some years ago I developed "Investment Kids" as I started to see what my children were learning about money. Most children only learn how to spend and have little reason to anything different.

Since then, we have developed a ground breaking simulator for sailing and sailors. 2sail is much more than a game as the "clues" are representations of "real" ones that you see out there on the water. Cuts learning about windshifts and sail setting from years to weeks.

Along the way I have had a heap of fun sailing, playing music, soccer, dancing, coaching, travelling, developing public speaking skills (Toastmasters) and host of other experiences.

I can help you to grow too.

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