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A Lifetime of Learning, Coaching, Success

The thing that I really love about my job is that I am learning and helping others succeed.

With 30+ years in the computer industry fixing problems, knowledge was found the hard way, by reading, sharing, looking and experimenting. There were never clear cut answers and the path often twisted and turned.

Hardware and software, the tools have constantly changed, but we have always remained customer focused. Customer success is paramount and often we need to look deeper into what this success will look like. Old models can cloud the view, it may not be obvious.

A simple phone, running apps, connected to worldwide cloud databases can be way more powerful than an inhouse computer. This is more than speed (and it can be really fast) but also usability, updateability and of course the deep insights into saving money or lives or preventing problems.

By deploying to both android and iphone, every employee suddenly has an office in their pocket.

With 30 years experience in various volunteer roles from helper to President. Learning and leadership have been at the forefront together with exploring new information and methods.

Websites and (more recently) apps have transformed our communication and business.

Lets talk about saving money and growing your business.

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